Bigg Boss 9 Contestants’ Fees:Least-Famous Celebs Get Paid Around Rs 3 Lakhs; Rimi Paid Rs 2 Crores!

Colors TV’s controversial reality show, Bigg Boss has always been in news every season, especially, regarding the amount that the contestants/host get paid.

The least-famous celebs in the Bigg Boss 9 house get paid around Rs 3 Lakhs. Rimi gets paid the highest amount, Rs 2 Crores! Check out the details of Bigg Boss 9 contestants fees.

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Bigg Boss 9: Rimi Sen Paid The Highest!


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The man who made us fall in love seeing his movies, the KING OF ROMANCE – YASH CHOPRA ji is no more with us today. He created his own style, there will be no other person who can make us fall in love like this. WE WILL MISS HIM. Here is a small tribute. And also know about his relation with actors and his impact on them by clicking on this link: