Doctors Negligence Kills 2 Innocent Souls; We Want Justice – #justiceformyfriend #justiceforaparna

As I write this, my eyes filled with tears, as we (Family-Friends) lost our loved ones.

This girl, who was apple of both families, celebrated her birthday as well as anniversary recently. I still remember, both friends’ (Aparna and Chethan) status (waiting for you). It is so painful to even think that she is no more with us and the pain my friend (Aparna’s husband) is undergoing, cannot be felt by anyone.

Aparna had left her home happily by arranging almost everything for her lil one, who was to arrive shortly.

We all friends even had a chat, a few days before, and we were waiting for the baby’s arrival.

Aparna, who never thought of hurting anyone even by mistake – was one of the beautiful souls. She was admitted to the Motherhood hospital (Sahakarnagar) for her delivery, with lot of dreams and hopes, but never returned back! The hospital negligence not only killed her, but also another innocent life that hadn’t even opened its eyes – her and her husband’s lil Prince.

Aparna’s husband Chethan, who is also my friend, had also pinned lot of hopes on doctors. He trusted them and sent his wife confidently, thinking the docs would save his wife and the lil one, but his dreams were shattered! Both their families and we (friends) have lost two innocent souls, and that too because of doctors who call themselves as saviours’ negligence. We now need justice so that none other should undergo the pain that our friend has underwent.

9 months of love and care that Aparna and her family had taken to bring the new born to this world has totally gone in vain and why? NEGLIGANCE! Only a woman knows how much love and pain she undergoes keeping her lil one in the womb and eagerly waiting for those lovely cute lil hands to hold her, but all the dreams shattered!


Who else other than doctors will know that every minute counts for a person who is in the hospital? Why was this case neglected? Had it been a celebrity or politician, a doctor would always be around and without wasting a second, they would have taken care of those celebs. Why isn’t this treatment not given to a normal-common man?

Just because of negligence, the two innocent lives are not with us. We want justice, and we hope the filthy rich people associated with the hospitals do not manipulate the proofs and the truth comes out.

Also, this should not happen with any other person. Please share this incident so that others are aware of this hospital and such negligance, and do not undergo the same sufferings.

Pray for justice. We want #justiceforaparna #justiceformyfriend…




Aparna, 26, a resident of Yelahanka New Town, and a triple graduate working with a private bank, was said to be completely normal when she was admitted to Motherhood Hospital on Tuesday evening.

Aparna died on Tuesday on the operation table at Motherhood hospital in Sahakar Nagar, north Bengaluru. The infant was critical and shifted to Rainbow Hospital.

On Wednesday, the boy was taken off the ventilator as doctors saw no hope of his recovery. They told the family that even if the baby miraculously survived, he’d have to live with both mental and physical conditions. “We were told his survival chances were less than 1%. We had to make the painful decision of letting the baby off life-support,” said Smitha Naveen, Aparna’s sister-in-law. “We are waiting for the postmortem report,” she added.

She was reportedly given pain-inducing medicines (tablets) thrice, at intervals of two hours. “The first dose was given at 10pm on Tuesday, then at midnight and again at 2am. Early morning, she sensed some pain and also some discharge from the vagina. She was given a bedpan. She didn’t walk anywhere. They realized the baby had passed stool, which was coming out. She was taken to the OT at 5.30am and was brought out dead at 8.30am. Her face was pale and cold. She might have died earlier,” Smitha Naveen, Aparna’s sister-in-law had alleged.
Dr Mohammed Rehan Sayeed, chairman of Motherhood Hospitals, denied any negligence, saying, “It looks like a case of pulmonary embolism, a condition that creates a blockage in one of the pulmonary arteries in the lungs.”

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An FIR has been filled by my friend’s husband and her brother, but we fear the case might be suppressed by the hospital management by their powerful influence. We request public to help get the family fair justice with proper interrogation by spreading this message across your group of friends to ensure media continues to follow up with the case until justice is prevailed.

Please forward this message to all your group members and show solidarity towards the family of the deceased and help them get a fair trial.

‘Special Gift’ FRIENDS – Happy Friendship Day

‘Special Gift’ FRIENDS – Happy Friendship Day

After ‘Family’, it’s only ‘Friends’ who understand you better. You may see a very good friend in your mom, dad, brother or sister, but when it comes to sharing, it’s none other than FRIENDS. You do not think twice before sharing anything with your friends. William Shakespeare said, “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow,” which is really true.

I met most precious and golden friends during my golden days – School days. It is said that school friends are friends for ever and it is very true…

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Calling Holy Spirit and asking the future!

Calling Holy Spirit and asking the future!

Do you believe in Holy spirits? If yes, then this would be an interesting piece of story. But DO NOT TRY this.

We were in school and one of our friends introduced to this game – The game of Holy Spirit. Do you call this a Game! I am not sure though!

School days, the days we enjoy the most and try out new and exciting things; be it funny, dangerous (risky)…

Calling Holy Spirit and asking the future: We made a square/rectangle box (chalk, on the ground), made 3 circles/square in the middle of the box (if I remember). In the centre, we kept a cup (inverted), and either side of cup, ie., towards left and right, wrote as YES and NO. Surrounding rectangle/square we wrote alphabets A-Z and below those, we wrote numbers 0-9.

Rough Sketch

(RECALLING)  Three of us (friends) kept our index finger on the inverted cup (lightly) and called Holy Spirit (“holy spirit please come”). And surprisingly when we asked questions the cups would move. We asked questions like: What is our birth date (just to test if it says right). After getting confirmed, we asked it:  What’s our future partner’s name? When will I get married? etc… The cup would run near the alphabets (indicate partner’s name) and also numbers (dates). It is also said that if unholy spirit arrives and it does go it would be disastrous. careful!!!!!

This game sounds funny, but still if you believe in holy spirits, you may feel that it would come true. I just remember playing this. But how much it is true or does this game of predicting future exists – not sure!

Any one has tried this? If so do let me know..Curiosity to know if it’s true or not….

Friends – God’s Gift, A Treasure

Friends – God’s Gift, A Treasure, Crazy..

Friends – Who are they? They are the one who support you when none is there around. This is what strikes on my mind, when I think of friendship. Friends – A gift from god, a treasure. You can live without any, but friends? No way! They are the one, who make you happy and smile when everything around goes wrong.  No matter how serious life is, you just need people with whom you can be crazy and those people are Friends.

Whom do you think when you are sad or happy? None, but the closest person of yours and that’s friend. You can’t share everything with anybody, and sometimes not even with your family, but you can share anything and everything, every stupid thing in fact, with your friends. They are there to listen to you, when you want them to. Even when they are not in mood to listen and they are busy with something else, they make it a point to listen, at least nod their head and pretend that they are listening to you.


They scold you, they kick your ass off, tease you, but they are the first person to come out and help you. When you are all dull and you don’t know what to do, and you get a friend’s call and you don’t speak properly, they shall catch you in seconds and try to make you happy. There is a saying, “A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else (unknown),” and that’s very true. You can never fool a friend. When you are alone they are your shadow, when you cry they give their shoulder.

When they are angry and they say not to speak, but you keep irritating them by speaking, just to make them happy and diverted. You speak all non-sense to make them smile, but in vain. They scold you and you leave the place disappointed and upset. Wait for some time and then see, they (your friend) themselves will come to your place and they start doing things what you did to them (start irritating you, trying to convince). This is friendship…

They never see your status, they accept you how you are. The smallest mistakes of yours will make them sad, and though they are angry on you, they forget and speak to you without any grudge. And even the small thing you do to them for their happiness will make them happy.

You don’t call them on their special day, they shall be angry and they will call themselves, remind you the special day and make you wish them. This is funny but this is friendship. You remember them on the special day, just a wish of yours will make them so happy. They expect nothing much than this.

Sometimes when you go beyond limits (in good ways) and make them happy, see the happiness you see on their face. You will be happier than her/him.

Who told a girl and a boy can’t be friends? They can be. Many girls have many friends – Boys (being close to boys doesn’t mean you are flirt and love all, of course you love all, but as a friend). Sometimes when a girl is closer to a boy, the boy himself may get doubt on you, but it’s up to you to handle things and make him understand. Society will always think in a wrong way in such case and again you got to change their minds or never give damn to society. Your friend is important and they are the one who come to you when you are in a critical condition not stupid society which thinks in a wrong way.

Though friends like you as you are even, and they shall be there for you when you do wrong, they shall advice you always to be and do good, they never want you to go or be wrong and never allow you to do so. There is a saying “Making thousands friends is not a big deal, making one good friend is worth.” You know what I say, “Make thousands and millions of friends – Good or bad, the deal is making Bad Friends Good.”

A. Nagarathna

Never say NO to TRY..because every dog has a day

Never say NO to TRY..because every dog has a day 🙂

Naina was in her school. She was fun-loving, jovial, more than family she was giving importance to her friends. In fact, she was a bit extra in all the way, extra caring, extra understanding…. She was running behind her friends. She felt when she was with them she was complete. Whenever there was any function in her school, she was present there. Whatever it may be, what she wanted was, to just be with her friends and enjoy.

She was just average in her studies. A sensitive girl, who just loved to be loved. She never wanted any to speak against her. Positive words, she never heard any speaking on her; but negative words on her was just banned in her life, she didn’t want to do anything negative or hear about anything negative, be it about herself or others.

People speak from behind. She didn’t know the world. Where there is positive, definitely there would be something negative. No doubt, her friends loved her. But at the same time she was just an average student; many parents would not love to have their daughter or son to be very close to just an average kid. Not only parents even some teachers don’t like such kids.

She was dull in Mathematics, and her mathematics teacher was a strict female, and even lazy 🙂 . She made students solve Maths, rather teaching them, and when Naina wanted to solve a theorem, she said, “you may not know this, better you see others solving it.” But later she never gave up, she irritated the teacher by raising her hands to solve the problem, whenever the teacher asked. Finally she allowed to solve and once she unknowingly questioned the same teacher on a problem and the teacher couldn’t solve the same and said she will let her know the answer. When she got cent percent score in the subject, the same teacher questioned, “how could you do that?” Naina just replied by smiling. No… its not revenge. She was too young to take revenge and even know the meaning of the word “revenge”. Things just happened, but never had she failed to try.

Once she had promised her friends to meet in the stadium where Republic day function was held every year. She was the first person among her friends to attend it. Years passed and School days were gone, now she was into college, though she wasn’t in touch with many she just wanted to meet them, so like every year she went to stadium, just to meet her pals, as she had promised. She didn’t find them, since she had time left after the function and found none around, and also desperate to meet her friends, she went to one of her friends place. Her friend had exam the next day. Friend’s mom just wanted to shoo away the gal from her home. So she said, “she has exams and she got to study” (indirectly not to disturb). Which hurt her a bit, but what hurt her more was, she heard from someone that her friend’s mom said something bad about her. She had said that, “Naina is just average student, she doesn’t have work, she just roam around, may be no one at her home ask regarding this.” This was it, she stopped going to her friend’s place and even she stopped going to any school day function which she was attending from many years, just to meet her friends. She was totally hurt and you know what… she tried and studied hard, in such a way that she topped in the college during her graduation. Then, when she had to visit the same friend’s place, thought she didn’t want to, she was welcomed by her friend’s mother and she couldn’t believe her ears, she was being praised in front of her friend.

This was just a small example. Life isn’t has more to learn and you just need to learn things from each stage of your life and go on. Knowingly or unknowingly you will be the winner. Never say no to try, at least try, your try won’t go waste, you just need to wait for the right time to arrive and then world is yours and there is even a saying “every dogs has a day”… Isn’t it????

A. Nagarathna