Doctors Negligence Kills 2 Innocent Souls; We Want Justice – #justiceformyfriend #justiceforaparna

As I write this, my eyes filled with tears, as we (Family-Friends) lost our loved ones.

This girl, who was apple of both families, celebrated her birthday as well as anniversary recently. I still remember, both friends’ (Aparna and Chethan) status (waiting for you). It is so painful to even think that she is no more with us and the pain my friend (Aparna’s husband) is undergoing, cannot be felt by anyone.

Aparna had left her home happily by arranging almost everything for her lil one, who was to arrive shortly.

We all friends even had a chat, a few days before, and we were waiting for the baby’s arrival.

Aparna, who never thought of hurting anyone even by mistake – was one of the beautiful souls. She was admitted to the Motherhood hospital (Sahakarnagar) for her delivery, with lot of dreams and hopes, but never returned back! The hospital negligence not only killed her, but also another innocent life that hadn’t even opened its eyes – her and her husband’s lil Prince.

Aparna’s husband Chethan, who is also my friend, had also pinned lot of hopes on doctors. He trusted them and sent his wife confidently, thinking the docs would save his wife and the lil one, but his dreams were shattered! Both their families and we (friends) have lost two innocent souls, and that too because of doctors who call themselves as saviours’ negligence. We now need justice so that none other should undergo the pain that our friend has underwent.

9 months of love and care that Aparna and her family had taken to bring the new born to this world has totally gone in vain and why? NEGLIGANCE! Only a woman knows how much love and pain she undergoes keeping her lil one in the womb and eagerly waiting for those lovely cute lil hands to hold her, but all the dreams shattered!


Who else other than doctors will know that every minute counts for a person who is in the hospital? Why was this case neglected? Had it been a celebrity or politician, a doctor would always be around and without wasting a second, they would have taken care of those celebs. Why isn’t this treatment not given to a normal-common man?

Just because of negligence, the two innocent lives are not with us. We want justice, and we hope the filthy rich people associated with the hospitals do not manipulate the proofs and the truth comes out.

Also, this should not happen with any other person. Please share this incident so that others are aware of this hospital and such negligance, and do not undergo the same sufferings.

Pray for justice. We want #justiceforaparna #justiceformyfriend…




Aparna, 26, a resident of Yelahanka New Town, and a triple graduate working with a private bank, was said to be completely normal when she was admitted to Motherhood Hospital on Tuesday evening.

Aparna died on Tuesday on the operation table at Motherhood hospital in Sahakar Nagar, north Bengaluru. The infant was critical and shifted to Rainbow Hospital.

On Wednesday, the boy was taken off the ventilator as doctors saw no hope of his recovery. They told the family that even if the baby miraculously survived, he’d have to live with both mental and physical conditions. “We were told his survival chances were less than 1%. We had to make the painful decision of letting the baby off life-support,” said Smitha Naveen, Aparna’s sister-in-law. “We are waiting for the postmortem report,” she added.

She was reportedly given pain-inducing medicines (tablets) thrice, at intervals of two hours. “The first dose was given at 10pm on Tuesday, then at midnight and again at 2am. Early morning, she sensed some pain and also some discharge from the vagina. She was given a bedpan. She didn’t walk anywhere. They realized the baby had passed stool, which was coming out. She was taken to the OT at 5.30am and was brought out dead at 8.30am. Her face was pale and cold. She might have died earlier,” Smitha Naveen, Aparna’s sister-in-law had alleged.
Dr Mohammed Rehan Sayeed, chairman of Motherhood Hospitals, denied any negligence, saying, “It looks like a case of pulmonary embolism, a condition that creates a blockage in one of the pulmonary arteries in the lungs.”

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An FIR has been filled by my friend’s husband and her brother, but we fear the case might be suppressed by the hospital management by their powerful influence. We request public to help get the family fair justice with proper interrogation by spreading this message across your group of friends to ensure media continues to follow up with the case until justice is prevailed.

Please forward this message to all your group members and show solidarity towards the family of the deceased and help them get a fair trial.



This is a story of a girl (Meera) who had a crush on a person (Aakash). But that person never gave a damn to her. When she told her friends about the crush, her friends teased her. She wasn’t in love for sure, but she was just staring at a person whom she liked. Somehow one of her friend got to know his name and other details, and she didn’t  know what to do with those details.

Every time fate bought them face-to-face. She didn’t know what to do, when she saw him, but just smiled and left the place. He was very reserved type of person, but handsome and he never smiled to any, but to her. When she heard these sort of comments, she blushed, thought she was a bit scared since these type of matters would spread around like a fire. Meera was very shy but strong willed person. She didn’t speak with any, but whenever she spoke, she spoke on face.

Unfortunately, Meera didn’t see Akash for a long time and she couldn’t even ask any too (as they would tease). Thought he isn’t anything to her, she just felt like seeing him. She came to know that his place in office was changed and to her surprise it was near to her seat. Now she was very happy that she could see him always.

Somehow, she had to speak to him, as he was also shifted to her department. The day he spoke to her, all her friends stared and smiled naughtily. She came to one of her friend and fell on her saying “hold me I am gonna fall”.

It was Meera’s special day that Aakash surprised her by decorating her bay and kept a rose on her table. As soon as she entered her bay, she was very much surprised and happy to see her place decorated. She asked all, who did but none answered. And finally Aakash revealed that it was him. She just said Thanks… And now she came to know that he was also interested and noticed her.

It was Valentine’s Day and everyone asked her, if she was waiting for someone special, as they were teasing all in the same way. Of course she was waiting but she said no. That day she came to know that Aakash had a girlfriend before, but she is no more in his life, because of some misunderstandings. Days passed and after a month of V-day, he proposed Meera and she couldn’t believe. She said it isn’t possible since their family was against love marriages, thought they were of same caste, her sub-caste was different, and they wouldn’t allow that as their family was very orthodox.

Aakash tried to convince a lot but she didn’t listen. Later, day by day she also started loving him unknowingly and she finally agreed, but told him to ask her dad’s permission. To her surprise he spoke with her dad. Meera’s dad was very understanding, he loved her daughter very much and like all dad’s want to, he also wanted his daughter to be happy. He just said Aakash to ask his parents’ permission and come back to them.

Meera pressurised Aakash to ask his parents and he promised he would ask when he will go to his hometown. Months passed she kept distance with Aaskash just to avoid more nearness as she somewhere felt that it wouldn’t happen and the other reason was she didn’t want to hurt herself. Aakash went to his home and he came back completely changed. He didn’t chat with her, mail, or even speak to her. She was very disappointed and couldn’t bare this.

When she felt that things were going out of reach  and she was hurt by his silence, she went to him, pulled his collared shirt and asked him the reason. He didn’t speak again. She gave him time and asked him to say if anything went wrong from her side.

After few days, he came back to her saying his parents didn’t agree and he can’t marry her. Since he couldn’t face her, he didn’t speak to her. And he also told her that his parents had selected a girl for him and he has to marry her. Meera was totally surprised with this, when she came to know about his marriage. She asked him, “why did you convince me to fall for you, when you can’t fight for me?” He again had a long silence, which she couldn’t bare. She was thinking that if he had to marry some other then did he really love her?  Why did he leave her alone and go? Meera had no answers but questions left behind.

Meera was shattered and couldn’t control tears. She went home, hugged her dad and narrated the story which Aakash told. Meera’s dad very patiently handled the situation. He just said Meera to relax. She didn’t go to office for few days, because she wanted to come out of it. Later Aakash called her up, she didn’t pick his call. She went to office, he came to her and showed the photo of his would-be wife and said sorry. She just nodded, smiled and said “Congrats”, though she was hurt.

If she loved, why did Meera let him go. When asked she said, “it’s because he and his family would live happily and so I let them go.”

Who is right here? Meera or Aakash?

Love isn’t hurting, when you love, commit for the love and give respect. Never hurt someone’s feelings. Girl had to sacrifice for the boy’s happiness. And boy had to sacrifice his love for his parents. Both are hurt.., what’s the use of love that hurts. Always give love never hurt any, be it your partner or your family, all are important, tackle the situation in such a way that both aren’t left hurt.  NEVER LET YOUR LOVE GO…That’s LOVE. Isn’t it?

A. Nagarathna 

Corporate World isn’t so easy: Play it safe

First JOB?

Corporate World isn’t so easy: Play it safe

First job… immediately after your graduation, you somehow struggle and get into a job and you would be so much excited to work in the new place, around new people. You will think it’s just another place, after school or college and you can handle it easily. If you think so…NO it’s not so easy to handle things at work. You have entered a corporate world and it’s completely different from the other places.

You need to be very careful in what you do, speak, the way you look (formal), everything…here. You are completely new to this world. But that doesn’t mean you should be scared of new things around. Definitely you will find friend, in corporate world, you call them as colleagues. Even they are of two types: Good friends/colleagues, who are your well-wishers; and bad friends, who act as your friends but aren’t they compete with you in a very nice way (which you can never feel, unless you get into some situation…) – I call them so. You must be thinking what’s this good and bad in friends, bad friends must be enemies…no they aren’t your enemies, and they are your bad friends, when you read you will come to know.

Good Friends are those who will never compete and always think of your good, in other words, they will help you when required. They will be with you whenever you want to, they advise you, and they are your well-wishers. You must be thinking this quality will be in your other school or college friends too. But mind it that this is a corporate world and there would be competitors around. There would be many Professional competitors, who won’t see your good, they just do their work and go. And at this point of time these friends are of utmost important.

Bad Friends, this sounds funny right.. .’Bad friends’! But this isn’t so funny. This is the most dangerous type of friendship, where you got to be very careful in each and every move. You can’t even predict them (enemies always will be bad, bad friends are those, who are good but also bad to you-this is the difference). They are soooo very good to you that they extract things from you, speak good about you to you, but the fact is, they extract things just to know what you are up to, or what others are up to, and go back to others and speak rubbish. A cold war…!! They will be so clever. Believe enemies but not bad friends.

Never trust any. When you have some doubt on a person that he/she is not trustworthy, never speak to them regarding any issue, whatever it may be. And never trust those who always keep blaming on other and say he/she isn’t good. Be yourself and never try to judge people. You never know when people will change, judging may also be wrong sometimes. Don’t expect support from any, they may support you in front of your colleagues, but in front of your managers they will be mum, because they don’t want to be noted (especially during increment time), and it isn’t wrong in a way because its only you who can save yourself and you should be ready to face things and accept/oppose things, in your own risk, be independent, no one will come to your rescue (if they, then you are the most luckiest person to have such colleagues/friends). Play it always safe.

A. Nagarathna



Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend is one question which haunts you in teenage. May be this is just a small question for some, but when you say NO and it is then you feel bad when they say “Oh you don’t have…being in that place you don’t have gf/bf…!!” May be this is also fine at times. But when they start telling about their gf/bf and they keep on narrating stories about they being together..etc..Then you feel “GOD, Why don’t I have gf/bf. What the hell on this earth am I doing without enjoying life,” don’t you??

Now you are confused!! Yes, this happens with all, who don’t have gf/bf, and when people or friends around you are couples. Many people go for a temporary partner, but few want to be together life long, and few others it’s a matter of family and they don’t want to hurt parents’ sentiments or girl’s/boy’s life, and hence they don’t get involved in such relations. Those who are restricted to have partners/lovers; thought they want someone special, they don’t want too.

So, where the confusion lies? Why don’t they get into such relation when they really want to? This is because again friends and family. Now, the question is why friends and families are they responsible?

People who have partners they are so much involved that they don’t even see around. In fact they don’t look around, they don’t have time for friends, they don’t even think of you when they speak to their partners that what the person opposite would feel who don’t have partners. They are in their own world, also thinking that the person opposite (you) won’t feel bad or they won’t mind (of course why should they mind they have their own life). Though it shouldn’t hurt, sometimes when things go far, you do feel at some point of time that you should have also had one. When your friend say that they had been out with their partner and his/her partner shopped things. You do feel that if you had partner, someone who would care for you and only you, would have been good. And at times you do feel, at some point of time that you don’t want many but one and only one who just wants, loves and cares for you. So this is when your friends say well about their partners.

At the same time, when you look into family, you would feel good that you don’t have any. Because it’s difficult for your family to accept a boy/girl who is from different community/cast (those who want to have permanent GF/BF). You don’t want to fall into such situations where you have to choose your partner/family. In other words, you don’t want to risk. You don’t want to get restricted and want to be independent. When your friends say it’s difficult to handle things, when they have partners, it makes you think that it would be difficult and you may end up thinking that it’s good that you don’t have commitments. They even think of each other’s sentiments and land up thinking that it’s a sin hurting any human being on earth; they think of others (which is in a way good) and land up not having partner. Is this right?


One who want temporary partner in other words, a flirt can do whatever he/she wants to. They can roam around they spend money like water but they enjoy life. They don’t think of girl’s or boy’s sentiments, they just want to have fun. And in some cases, both boy and girl mutually agree to separate, if their family doesn’t agree.

Is this right to hurt someone’s sentiment? Can anyone love a person and marry someone else, that too being with that person together for long time? Or is it right to have fun and leave?

A. Nagarathna