Shahrukh Khan’s 50th Birthday: SRK’s Journey In Television – See Pictures

It is King Khan – Shahrukh Khan’s 50th birthday, today. Khan started his career with TV. He appeared in many serials in the late 1980s. Later he made his Bollywood debut in 1992 with Deewana.

SRK appeared in three television serials – Fauji, Circus and Dil Dariya. He also did a small role in made-for-television English-language film, In Which Annie Gives it Those Ones. Click on the Image to read and view some of the rare pictures of Shahrukh Khan on TV shows…

srk birthday tv shows

Shahrukh Khan’s Top 10 KODAK Moments Of The Year 2014

With the huge success of the movie Happy New Year, SRK’s lovely son Abram’s debut in the movie, followed by his sister (Salman’s sister) Arpita Khan’s marriage, DDLJ completing 1000 weeks, SRK-Salman re-bonding and many more, Shahrukh is having a wonderful year end 2014.

Can we call the below pictures as a ‘KODAK’ moments for SRK!

1. The golden couple Shahrukh and Kajol at Maratha Mandir, celebrating 1000 Weeks Of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

SRK-Kajol at Maratha Mandir, Celebrating 1000 Weeks Of DDLJ
SRK-Kajol at Maratha Mandir, Celebrating 1000 Weeks Of DDLJ

2. Shahrukh and Kajol with the team of DDLJ on the show comedy nights with Kapil. On the show, Shahrukh revealed how Salman said that DDLJ would be a big hit. He was all praise for Kajol. SRK even said that he would do anything what audience or Kapil ask on the show.

SRK-Kajol celebrating 1000 weeks of DDLJ on Comedy Nights with Kapil
SRK-Kajol celebrating 1000 weeks of DDLJ on Comedy Nights with Kapil

3. All three powerful Khans – Shahrukh, Aamir and Salman appear with Rajat Sharma. This was the special episode shot for celebrating 21 years of his popular television show, Aap Ki Adalat.

SRK-Salman-Aamir Khan celebrating 21 years of  Aap Ki Adalat.
SRK-Salman-Aamir Khan celebrating 21 years of Aap Ki Adalat.

4. Shahrukh joins Salman’s adorable sister’s wedding celebration, sharing happiness of their sister’s wedding. Atul Agnihotri posted the picture of Arpita with two Khans, which was taken during Arpita’s sangeet ceremony at the Bandstand apartment. Shahrukh also participated in dancing engaging all who attended the wedding, and gifted special designer handbag hamper to Arpita.

SRK-Salman-Arpita Wedding
SRK-Salman-Arpita Wedding

5. Shahrukh posted a video on Twitter thanking his fans for 10 million followers on the micro-blogging site.

twitter 3
10 Million Followers On Twitter

6. Shahrukh and Farah Khan’s Diwali release Happy New Year has shattered many records at the box office and has joined the list of another successful movie of the year 2014.

Happy New Year success
Happy New Year success

7.  Shahrukh’s son Abram made first public appearance and also was seen on the screen for the first time making his debut in the movie Happy New Year. Shahrukh posted picture of son Abram on Twitter wishing all Ed Mubarak.

Shahrukh with Son Abram-Ed Mubarak
Shahrukh with son Abram-Ed Mubarak

8. Shahrukh and Salman again hug on Iftar party hosted by Baba Siddiqui in Mumbai – History repeats! As they were also seen together previous year same place and on the same occasion.

SRK-Salman hug at Iftar party

9. Shahrukh and Salman hug each other at Star Guild Awards. SRK was given the Entertainer of the Year award.

Shahrukh-Salman hug at Star Guild Awards

10. Last but not the least, SRK’s team won this year’s IPL T20. Kolkata Knight Riders defeated Kings XI Punjab by three wickets, which was held in M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru.

twitter 6
KKR win IPLT20 2014

Book Review: Chetan Bhagat’s Half Girlfriend – More Of Bollywood Types

Being an ardent reader, I easily get bored with the monotonous writers. After Preeti Shenoy (most of the books I read of hers were about extramarital affairs), now it’s the turn of our very own Chetan Bhagat who calls himself (in the novel by a character) as so called ‘Simple English novel writer’ or ‘a torch bearer for an unafraid generation’ – India Today!

Now you might be thinking why I had even read his novel when I had so much against or whatever to say about this author! It was just because I wanted to see why this book was hyped and why are all so eager to read. It was like where ever I go (malls or any book stalls) I found this novel in a huge bundle! It was only after reading I realized that this is just because of his success of other novels and movies.

Let me ask you three simple questions: 1. Have you read the previous books of Chetan? 2. If so, did you like them, or are you a big fan of Chetan? 3. Do you have a fancy for Bollywood movies? If for all these your answer is YES…, then you will love this book, else you can easily ignore.

half girlfriend - chetan bhagat
half girlfriend – chetan bhagat

Let’s come to the review… As the blurb of Half Girlfriend says, the book is all about two people: Riya and Madhav. Riya belongs to the high class community and Madhav, who although is from a royal family, doesn’t have much knowledge about English ‘class’, but wants to join the league. Both Riya and Madhav meet in a college, and just like other stories of Bhagat, they fall in love!

Why I said ‘’monotonous” and asked those questions… This book also has the same theme of ‘college students’ (Is this just because Bhagat wants to draw attention of all young gen?), how they struggle, meet, love, fight, depart…. etc. etc. No doubt, this definitely attracts new gens, but the content also has the older gen sentiment like his previous novel… How? For that you will have to read the novel. I don’t want to break the suspense as Bhagat had requested some time back (though now almost everyone would have read the novel). Half Girlfriend reminds you of all his previous novels: 3 States especially, and few Bollywood movies.

Now why I asked you if you have fancy for Bollywood movies? Two answers for this: 1. This novel is filmi, especially the ending. Of course, there are few things that you can relate to your daily life, but on the whole, its total Bollywood types! 2. You can wait for another Bollywood movie in making (as this was already announced before the release of the book) with this novel/script or whatever!

Go for this book, as I said before, if your answer to the three questions above were “Yes”, and if you can’t wait for the upcoming movie (as the script is already here). All I can say is, Bhagat has become more of Scriptwriter than a Novel writer!

Happy New Year Review: Better Than Chennai Express And Kick

I know this review is very late, but I thought it’s worth sharing for those who are still planning to watch. I was very hesitant to watch this movie as majority of reviews were negative and many said it’s really not worth watching. I just wanted to give a try (watch) as to know how much bad this movie is! Is this movie really average/bad like SRK’s previous movie Chennai Express or worst like his rival Salman’s recent movie Kick?

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happy new year poster
                  happy new year poster

Yes, you read the headline right. After watching the movie, I found that this multi-starrer film – Happy New year is far better than movies – CE and Kick. Both the movies were illogical and irritating, though it had few funny moments; they almost made me get out of the theatre! Though this movie is combination of all sorts of Hollywood flicks, believe me it’s worth watching. Tell me which movie in recent times is not a copy or inspiration of other/Hollywood flick?

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Coming to the story of HNY, this is a story of six losers – Shahrukh Khan (Boxer), Boman Irani (Partner of SRK’s father Anupam Kher), Abhishek Bachchan (photocopy of rival Jakie Sheroff’s son), Vivan Shah (Hacker), Deepika Padukone (Dancer) and Sonu Sood (who was in Army). SRK, who is on verge to take revenge on his father’s death, makes a team – Charlie’s Angels! These five of them are intelligent in one or the other way and the captain of the ship Shahrukh would reach his goal only with these angels. How they meet, plan and destroy the enemy (Jackie Sheroff) is the story all about.

Like many other non-logical movies made in Bollywood these days, this movie also has loopholes, but definitely is not among them (non sense). All characters are given special preference and equal role. It’s not at all ‘One man-SRK’ film.

You laugh and laugh… that’s for sure. Everyone’s comedy timing is too good. Though Deepika has repeated her role of ‘slang language or accent or whatever!’ (CE-Tamil slang, HNY-English slang), she will make you laugh. SRK, though does comedy at times, has a serious type of role in this movie.

happy new year - Deepika's English Slang
                                                                          happy new year – Deepika’s English Slang

Cinematography (especially the settings of the dance contest) is good. All songs are good except one – ‘Non Sense Ki Night’, one of the worst song and dance ever! My fav pick is ‘Radhe Radhe (Satkeli)’.

happy new year worst song and dance
                                                               happy new year worst song and dance

The drawback which I found was of dance (thought it is depicted as they don’t know to dance), it should have been considered little as they were representing India in the competition. Deepika made to wear too much of shorts which didn’t look good. A little more consideration for her character (she was not given due respect being the only female in the team) and costume (as few dresses seemed too colourful) would have done good (though she looks good in whatever she dons). These two can be ignored as the script demanded so!

happy new year - Deepika's short dresses
happy new year – Deepika’s short dresses

Hated Shahrukh’s six packs to be frank, but loved, Sonu Sood’s body. In fact, he was the limelight for his well-built body in the whole movie. You can also find in this movie various dialogues manipulated (made comedy-like Deepika quoting Chak De India in her own way, Shahrukh saying his own Om Shanti Om dialogues, all of these would make you laugh. My favourite new dialogue is ‘kismat badi kutti cheez hai, saala kabi bi palat jati hai’.

happy new year-deepika-srkYou can watch other characters that weren’t seen in the long run in big screen/television like Dino Moreo and Lola Kutty!

Last but not the least, the closing credits of the movie is wonderful, it will make you glued to your seat. Many of them knew SRK’s son – Abram was introduced in the movie, but did you know Farah’s triplets were also seen! Yes, not to forget Producer Gauri Khan is also seen, she looks marvelous. You can see the entire cast and crew grooving in the end – Happy to see that Farah and others have even taken them into consideration to show them onscreen!

Top 10 Ways To Enter The Elite 100 Crore Club!

Bollywood, being one of the largest film industries, has witnessed huge number of releases every year. Times have changed now. Every other movie released now is forced to enter the competition of collecting 100 crore at the Box Office and getting into the league of this elite club – 100 crore club.

Click on the picture to know the movies that made it to the list of this elite 100 crore club, and also check out 10 ways to enter this club…
box ofc