Follow Healthy Diet, Exercise, Stress Free Days, Peaceful Sleep For Healthy Life

Diet conscious! Here are few things that you should remember before you go on diet.

Many of you have belief that few foods make you fat, while they can just be your myths. You should know that it all depends on the calories (the amount of food) you have in your routine diet. You should also note that apart from healthy diet there are three other things that matters a lot. Wondering what they are, here is the healthy equation: Healthy Diet + Exercise + Stress free days + Peaceful Sleep (hours of sleep depends on age, which will be discussed below).

What is a healthy diet?
Healthy diet is nothing but eating healthy ie; Consuming right amount of food from all food groups. As mentioned before, many of us have wrong perception about many food stuffs: Like rice/potatoes make us fat and cornflakes with milk helps in reducing weight!

Healthy Diet, Exercise, Stress Free Days, Peaceful Sleep For Healthy Life
Here are few healthy foods/things you should know about these food stuffs:

1. Rice and Chapatis
Rice alone can not make you fat. There are few things that you should know. White rice, when had in moderation, is good for health. White rice consumed with veggies can also make healthy diet. You can also substitute white rice with brown rice as it has more nutritional values. Chapatis are also good backup.

Here are few things you should know:

– White rice – 204 calories; Fat: 0.44g; Carbs: 44.08g; Protein: 4.2g – Sodium: 2mg; Potassium: 55mg; Dietary Fiber: 1g)
– Cooked brown rice – 215 calories; Fat: 1.74g; Carbs: 44.42g; Protein: 4.99g – Sodium: 10mg; Potassium: 84mg; Dietary Fiber: 4g)
– 1 chapati: Calories: 68; Fat: 0.62g; Carbs: 13g; Protein: 2.34g; Sodium: 55mg; Potassium: 29mg; Dietary Fiber: 0.5g

2. Cornflakes + Milk: Not a good combination for weight loss
No, cornflakes do not help in reducing weight. Chocolate cornflakes add more sugar and do not help in weight loss and having same on regular basis may add on to your weight. Consider cereal and milk instead of these readymade cornflakes.

3. Cereals + Milk = Healthy option
Adding bran cereal/muesli and little nuts to skimmed milk is good substitute for fiber and nutrients (vitamin B12, zinc; nuts: essential fatty acids)
– 1 cup of Cereals: Cal: 124; Fat: 1.12g; carbs: 27.4g; Protein: 2.39g; Sodium: 223mg; Potassium:89mg; Dietary Fiber: 1.7g

4. Eggs
Eggs are more nutritious food and are used for weight loss/gain. You should note that boiled egg has less cholesterol and calories compared to scrambled egg. So if you are opting for weight loss, prefer boiled egg than scrambled ones. You can have eggs with whole-wheat toast and fruit, or add chopped boiled eggs to salad.

Eggs contain: Vitamins A, B, D, E, K rich in iodine, good sources of antioxidants, eight essential amino acids, choline, and minerals – Potassium, calcium, zinc and iron.

– 1 large Boiled egg: Cal: 77; Fat: 5.28g; Cholesterol: 211mg; Carbs: 0.56g; Protein: 6.26g; Sodium: 139mg; Potassium: 63mg
– Scrambled egg (2 eggs): Cal: 199; Fat: 15.21g; Cholesterol: 400mg; Carbs: 1.96g; Protein: 13.01g; Sodium: 211mg; Potassium: 138mg

5. Oats and Cereals
Oats are source of dietary fibers. They are low in calories and good for managing weight. Do not go for instant oats as they contain refined cornflakes which have high levels of pesticide residue and less nutritional value.

– 1 cup of oats: Cal: 607; Fat: 10.76g; carbs: 103.38g; Protein: 26.35g; Sodium: 3mg; Potassium: 669mg; Dietary Fiber: 16.5g

6. Soups and Salads
Salads are good to start a day with. Include fruits with milk or have a salad of vegetables. You can also have vegetable or chicken soup (or vegetable stock), which is also good for health.

7. Milk or Green Tea
Opting for egg and milk is good as they have all essential nutrients, preferably egg white and low fat milk. Instead of caffeine, go for healthy green tea as it is loaded with nutrients and antioxidents.

8. Curd and Buttermilk
Both are good for health and have similar nutrients. Buttermilk is more diluted (contains more water) than curd which is concentrated form. While it is good to go for buttermilk for those who want to reduce weight. While for those who want to gain weight can prefer curd. Two servings of either of them everyday are good for health.

PS: Drink lots of water, add green leafy veggies to your diet and avoid junk foods

Exercise, Stress free life and proper Sleep
Following proper diet and not doing exercise will not be effective. Wanna to lose weight faster, then follow these.

It is very much essential to hit gym, or do proper exercise or yoga. Along with proper diet, excercises will help in strengthening your weak bones/muscles and even reducing weight; doing yoga or meditation will help you to be stress free.

Sleeping and waking up on proper time is very much important. It is said that an average adult requires 14 minutes to fall asleep. Waking up in mid of sleep may leave you tired, so make sure that you sleep peacefully. Sleep timing differs for each age group. Here is the list of timing:

– Newborns: 16-18 hours a day
– Preschool-aged children: 11-12 hours a day
– School-aged children: approx 10 hours a day
– Teens: 9-10 hours a day
– Adults: 7–8 hours a day
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