Kick Movie Review: Salman Khan “Kicks” Everyone With His Usual ‘Crazy’ Charm

KICK starts with Jacqueline Fernandez, a Psychiatrist, narrating her story to Randeep Hooda. Jacqueline’s father asks her to meet him (a marriage proposal). Jacqueline is not so happy with that as she still wants to know about her love, Salman.

salman kick poster
Kick poster

Year passes by and he doesn’t contact Jacqueline. While Randeep, an honest and successful Police Officer, has his own story to say. He is unsuccessful in catching Devil, who robs rich/corrupted people, and is hunting for him.

Where is Devil and why is he robbing people should be seen onscreen…

As said before, Salman leaves no stones unturned to impress his crazy fans. He has definitely gifted them with the best Eidi this Eid. But his ‘not so crazy fans’ would be disappointed to know that there is again no gripping story in this movie too (Jai Ho had no logic)! The movie is just crazy like Salman. But yes… It has few morals.

First half pisses you off with no logic and few irritating scenes, while second half is gripping with Randeep, Nawaz, and Salman’s motto of robbing people.

Randeep, Nawazuddin are wonderful in the movie. Randeep is promising in the role of Police Officer. Nawaz is the best playing villain.

Salman has done his best, though irritating in few parts (sorry to say this, but he has!). Scenes where Salman is seen with kids is touching. Salman crying!! God, who can see him weeping – this will make your eyes wet for sure, or at least the scene will touch your heart.

Salman has repeated few of his previous movie scenes like Dabangg. His Bigg Boss avatar will be seen in the item song with Nargis Fakhri. Seems like he has done few daring action sequences after long time! Surprisingly, Salman has not taken off his shirts and you don’t find his lucky turquoise bracelet.

kick-bigg boss-salman
kick-bigg boss-salman

Jacqueline reminds us of Katrina. Well wondering how? Her Hindi speech, dance moves, glamorous looks, even her acting (both Kat and Jacqueline are glam dolls with no acting skill!) all seems like she is mimicking Kat. Remember the dance of Kat in Jab Tak Hai Jaan? Dance of Jacqueline in ‘Jumme ki raat’ reminds you of that. Check the picture below…


The sceneries and locations (picturisation) are good. Colourful songs (looks), but not so good choreography. Songs (lyrics) are not so catchy except ‘Hangover’ and ‘Jumme ki raat’. The item song with Nargis is sickening! The placements of songs are really bad.

Dialogues like ‘logon ko marta hai phir bi dil ka acha hai’, ‘being human’, etc may seem forced! Too much usage of the word ‘kick’ may also irritate at times.

Whatever may be, in both the ways people are “Kick(ed)” with this movie. Gets ‘Kick’ when they see charming and innocent Salman, while gets ‘Kicked’ with no logic in many parts of the movie.


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