Delhi: Are Police Our Real Guardians?

Are Police Our Real Guardians?

We saw during the day and till late evening how the protesters were treated by police. The protesters were lathicharged, were lobed with water canons, and they used tear gas on them not but ones, but many times. There were some anti-social groups which pelted stones on the police and others which provoked police and they started the violence against peaceful protestors.

During a sting operation, police were asked these question and this is how they answered…(Courtesy: Headlines Today, Tehalka)

“No rape in Delhi can happen without the girl’s provocation,” Sunil Kumar a Delhi Police inspector said.
MY VIEW: Oh really, that means a small kid who was raped provoced the accused. Why these big heads makes statement and excuses and escape for their duty?

Roop Lala, Sub-inspector, Gurgaon Polics, says “Girls know what will happen when they are with drunk boys?”
MY VIEW: If they know why will they go with them? No girl want to be raped.


Arjun Singh, SHO, Surajpur, G. Nodida, Says, “Girls are dressed for rape. Attraction makes men aggressive.”
MY VIEW: I repeat * a small kid who was raped provoced the accused by attrating a man with her dress???

Ram Kumar Malik, Sub-Inspector, Noida Police says, “Loose mothers, Loose daughters. Sex is like hunger.”
MY VIEW: WOW! see the police, supposed to be our guardian, this is how they respect WOMEN.



4 thoughts on “Delhi: Are Police Our Real Guardians?

  1. Give guns and training to women to protect themselves.. train the policemen to follow protocol and law period or get fired. The cop who gave his fucked up opinions on rape need to go. Rape is crime period.

  2. I wonder who made these buggers police inspectors? I donot even understand the mentality of such a barbaric act like rape and these bloody cops blaming the girls? There is no justification for rape. No matter what, if a man is sexually hungry, better make way to prostitution. Atleast terrorists have a motive to kill people, but what motive of these rapists? Spoiling the life of an innocent, in lieu of pleasure?

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