Delhi Gang Rape Case: What’s Happening In India – Are women safe here?

Delhi Gang Rape Case: What’s Happening In India – Are women safe here?

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The Delhi rape case, where the 23-year-old medical student was brutally gang raped in a moving bus by six men,  is spine chilling and it is just a wake-up call to India. This happened in a country, where women are prayed as Goddess and they are given equal value as that of man. With number of rape crime increasing everywhere, are women safe in our country?

The Delhi rape is such heinous act that no one would have dreamt of. We can’t imagine how a person can become so inhuman, in this case, all six of them. Animals….!!! Even animals don’t behave in such a way. It is so difficult to express the anger.

Our Politicians are busy just commenting and the most irritating comment was by honorable Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde who told the Rajya Sabha, “It has been decided that there shall be immediate crackdown on buses having tinted glass and heavy curtains. ”


Ban tinted glass?? Please…. Banning tinted glasses and heavy curtains does not stop such cases. What do you think??? This is not all…heard an old lady saying to media that girls should wear proper dress and should behave properly!!!….. Give me a break…If you say this why are people saying “Women are treated equally as Men”?, and where is the word “Broadminded”? This is cheap mentality. Why are people commenting on dressing sense and behaviour? And for those who are speaking about dress code and all, it doesn’t make any difference, its Mentality of people/Men, who say this should be changed. Aren’t they mature enough to ask a girl to behave properly, if she isn’t? LOGIC!!

Take this incident, a three-year-old girl was raped in a play-school in West Delhi on Monday, 17th, just a day after the Delhi gang rape incident. What do you say about this? Should this small kid, who doesn’t know the world, should have behaved properly and should have completely covered herself with clothes?? When a person changes his mentality and acts maturely nothing like this will happen. School uniforms are usually skirts…will you order schools to change uniform to Salwar or something else?

How can you change the mentality of such bad eyed men? By covering yourself (girl)? No, even a girl who is completely covered is raped. Such Narrow minded men should be sent to classes where they are thought how to behave with girls. Sounds funny, right? It may, but this is the only polite way to make them realise things. The other way is make the law so strict that these guys do not even think of doing such heinous acts again. If women walk nude also men should even look a women in such a way…this bared in their mind.

When the girl is fighting for her life in hospital, people here are supporting her and wants accused to be given death penalty.  In many places protests were held – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc.  Youths were shouting slogans against government and holding candlelight vigil to protest the gang-rape victim. While this was happening in India Gate and Raisina Hill, demonstrators broke police barricades and Police used laticharge, teargas and water canons.

While some others say that they were having peaceful protests and police charged them with laticharge not once but twice or thrice. Was this to test the protesters to see if they will disperse or not? But the crowd was so strong that they are still protesting and wants justice not only for the girl who is fighting for life but for all the pending rape cases they want justice. not only this they also want pending legislations and pending quota bills to be cleared.

Couldn’t a single politician or police commissioner go to the place and address the crowd? At least that could have calmed down the people. But rather they were ill treated by police. Is this the way police treat peaceful protests and people who are innocent? If police and politician can’t safeguard us, who else will? They are leaving us with comments, where is the action?

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9 thoughts on “Delhi Gang Rape Case: What’s Happening In India – Are women safe here?

  1. Fuck the indian turban wearing president take the law into ur own hands if police interfer kill em find the culprits slice em up slow let them feel the pain cut thier prick of slowly tie em up n the cut it of slowly with a razor blade then put chilli powder on em n lemon juice then pour petrol only on thier cock n lite it up watch em beg for mercy but dnt stop keep them alive cut his arm off n then cut the other one off the his legs it would be fun watchin them scream in agony plus get the victims family to watch it n even the victim its self

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