Delhi Gang Rape Case: Is Government trying to pacify people?

Delhi Gang Rape Case: Is Government trying to pacify people?

Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde on Saturday, in press conference, announced several measures taken by the Government on women’s safety, after the gang-rape of a medical student in Delhi on December 16. He said that government is requesting court for fast track court for speedy trial.

Steps to be taken:

  • Improving the public transport system by increasing the number of buses at night.
  • Installation of GPS on all public transport vehicles to ensure that they do not stray from their scheduled routes.
  • Ensuring that all personnel deployed on public transport carry identification badges and are verified.
  • Proactive and enhanced patrolling by police vans/motor cycles along routes taken by families and women returning late at night from entertainment hubs and work places.
  • Rape law to be amended, greater punishment for rarest of rare cases

Why these only in Delhi and why not in other places too. Rarest of rare case, a common man doesn’t understand what’s it… Death penalty is imposed in this case. Isn’t this Rarest of rare case?


Image: © AP Photo

Kiran Bedi said that these steps are not clear:

  • Are these steps only for Delhi or overall.
  • No crime prevention plans (as no citizen participation involved).
  • No social audit (who audits police?).

Angry people also wants immediete trials as they don’t want this issue to vanish in thin air. Also they think that politicians are just pacifying them and not taking action.

Later in the evening, it was known that case has been registered against protestors. As many as 30-35 protestors and police were injured when there was laticharge. It is said that the footage of the protest is will be monitored, and the fault would be found and taken action.

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