Delhi Gang Rape: Brave Victim Speaks

Delhi Gang Rape: Brave Victim Speaks

Women who are treated as God in our country are not safe.  In the same country, rape cases are on high. Recent one which is boiling our blood is that took place in Delhi on Sunday, 16th December. The 23-year-old medical student was brutally gang raped in a moving bus by six men.

The victim said that she was standing at a bus stop with her friend who was a software engineer. A man on the chartered bus, which is a supplement public transport in Delhi, told them that the bus was headed towards where she lived. And both of them boarded the bus at around 9.30 pm. But later, after few minutes, her friend got suspicious as the bus was taking a different route different. When he objected the accused shut the door of the bus.


After which the six men started taunting the two on how they were out together at night. This led to a fight between her friend and the rest. This is when two of the accused took her to the back of the bus even as her friend was hit on his head by Ram Singh, the main accused and the driver of the bus. While he fell unconscious, the 33-year-old bus driver went to the back of the bus and first raped her. She told the cops that the accused were threatening to throw her off the bus while she was being subjected to the torture.

The victim told police that the accused had, initially, wanted to throw her male friend out of the bus when the fight began. But they desisted and later, finding both the young woman and her friend unconscious, threw them out of the bus at Mahipalpur on the outskirts of Delhi. She has also told the police that the accused took off their clothes and also took away their belongings. (SOURCE:

Doctor said, “Her abdomen has been cleaned and it has been closed today. Because most of the intestine, almost all portion, I would say, because of the initial loss and subsequent gangrene is not existent.” He also said that Duodenum has been brought out of the stomach. A tube has been put into drain out whatever secretions are there. She was fed as well as antibiotics and all her essential drugs through intravenous route. She was on ventilator support though she was stable, she wasn’t out of danger. Dr Mishra of AIIMS Trauma Centre said that she is fighting it out and they are hopeful that she would come out of it. They said that she is in good spirits, alert and conscious. She is a brave girl and withstanding all treatment since the day of assault. Doctors at Sadfdarjung Hospital who are treating her, yesterday, said that she is breathing on her own ventilator support and most of her vital parameters are normal. We pray that the brave victim, who is fighting for her life in hospital and still critical, recovers fast.

The six accused are Ram Singh, 33, (driver of the bus), his brother Mukesh, 24, Vinay Sharma, 20, (an assistant gym instructor in the area), Pawan Gupta, 18, (fruit seller), Akshay Thakur, 26, (bus cleaner) and another cleaner, Raju, 25. All of them who were drunk. During interrogation, the prime accused in the case, Ram Singh has admitted to assaulting the girl and her male friend after losing control. Ram Singh told police that when the victim resisted and bit his hand while being assaulted, he lost his cool and went berserk. A drunk Singh picked up an iron rod and hit her mercilessly — especially on her face and private parts with his shoe, Raju was the third one to sexually assault her after him and Akshay Thakur, one of the officer said to a leading daily.

According to a leading daily, sources said, Singh had become volatile after his wife’s death, about two years back. He had also run away with a girl in his neighbourhood. He is a volatile man and his friends call him “mental”.

The other accused, Raju belonged to a very disturbed family. He has six siblings, his father is addicted to liquor, and mother is absconding. It is said that he has not contacted any of his family members in the past five years. He met the other accused of the gang-rape on the day of the incident.

According to HT, the officer said, “During the first round of the flyover, the victim was being gang-raped and a spot to dump the couple was being ascertained. The second time, the bus had taken the same route and pushed them out at the pre-decided spot.”

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