Stress, Depression and Frustration

Stress and Frustration go hand in hand. I mean to say; when you are stressed you get frustrated. Yes Frustrated.. The letter ‘F’ has it all… F*** and Frustration. You will really want to get or do certain things (whatever it may be – work or anything you desire you want in life) and would be working hard to get or fulfill them, and when they don’t turn up to your expectations. you get feel F***** off. There will not be a single person in this universe that they are not at all frustrated. At some or the other point in their life, they would have faced such situations where they are helpless and will just lose hope.

The tragedy, which took place recently at Century 16 cinemas in Aurora, Colorado, during screening of The Dark Knight Rises, where James Holmes, said to be a loner, an honour student and a college dropout who liked rock music, shot and killed 12 people (58 injured). He was said to be chronically depressed. According to a source (communities.washingtontimes), Criminologist Jack Levin told the Boston Globe that the shooter was chronically depressed (due to a failed relationship or job loss) would have been bullied and humiliated and killed people as revenge.  Depression may lead to killing of people? Strange! But this happened, so it is better to avoid getting depressed.

There is no age-bar for this depression/frustration to occur.

Kids for example they ask for a toy, when you don’t give it to them, they get irritated, and finally when they don’t get it, they get frustrated. Also, they may react badly when they have siblings. It reminds me of my brother (younger), when he had become the attention seeker and I wasn’t there in the scene, I was so jealous and would do some or the other naughty things to make him cry.

Students…They have loads of pressure on their head.  He or she will be very much pressurised to study well to get into good college. They go for tuitions, study at home; television watching, speaking on call, meeting friends are completely banned. They get stressed with such restrictions and conditions, and finally get frustrated. And some student will be so sensitive that they can’t even tolerate their parent’s expectations and they go on a wrong way and even spoil or end their life too.

A boy or girl get depressed, when their loved ones leave or ditch them. In such cases the person should accept the reality and go on. Thinking of that person would definitely lead to deep depression. Unmarried girl or boy face main problem from their own relatives and also society. Relatives or society pull their leg by asking about their marriage proposals, when they will get married. Such questions when repeated makes them irritated and they shall go for depression, thinking sometimes that there is something wrong in them that no one is marrying them (him/her).

Being a parent (mother or father),  they too would be having lots of responsibilities. It may be their job, kids and their education/future, saving money. When they can’t meet these responsibilities properly they get stressed.

Married couple, if they have good in-laws, the chance of getting frustrated is less and vice-versa. Else son (husband) would be sandwiched between wife and his mother. Wife, who has lots of hope on husband would shatter if husband doesn’t support her. And mother would feel jealous, if the son would support his wife.

Employers: They are frustrated with many things.  Mainly, their targets. Boss would screw them up if they don’t meet the targets. During the time of increment, if they provide less amount or during recession, the employee feel sick of the job, he/she would think that they are not given importance (thought their work is good). Corporate world has lots of politics or partiality in-doors, which would make a person think twice to stay/quit the company, and should not be cared about politics and other stuffs, it’s better that he/she do the given work and move on. This is especially would be difficult (though impossible), for those boys and girls who have lots of responsibility on their shoulders. (Can also read this:

Few points to avoid frustration:

  • Divert from things which make you unhappy
  • Spend more time in things which you like and with people who love you (friends/family)
  • Avoid places, people or things which make you unhappy
  • Never hide your frustrations, speak-up with someone whom you trust and if it’s so confidential then better write a dairy.
  • Listen to music, watch movie, browse (net), go for shopping (if money if not a reason for frustration)
  • Accept reality and stop worrying about things. Worries lead to depression, which is unnecessary tension. Work instantly on what you think rather than worrying. You live life once, enjoy it to the maximum by diverting rather than thinking of such stupid stuffs which makes you unhappy.
  • Meditate, go to temples/church/religious place, social work, or go out for a walk or trip
  • One who has lots of responsibilities on their shoulder should have the capacity to think and act quick, in order to avoid confusions and worries (as there is no point in worrying)I would like to conclude by saying that every person is stressed now-a-days, ways to find happiness is difficult but it is not impossible. Life is short, need to be enjoyed by not worrying.

2 thoughts on “Stress, Depression and Frustration

  1. Hello. I am excited to see that everyday people have blogging abilities, and I am pleased you are addressing a very serious and common issue here. However, I waswondering if you proof read your material before posting?

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