Happy Father’s Day Paa…

Happy Father’s Day Paa… Love You Loads…

Father…what you can say about this great man. He is everything..especially to his daughter. Though mom is considered close to their children, it’s daughters who are always inclined towards Dad. Being practical is learnt from dad and being emotional is learnt from mom. As the saying goes: “To her the name of father was another name for love (- Fanny Fern)”. And this is all true for Neha. Her Father is her “Only Love – First Love”.

This is the story of a girl (Neha) who lost her dad when she was too young, may be at the age of 6. She was her dad’s daughter, her dad was her best friend and even now she says the same. Though she faintly remembers things, she says that her dad was everything to her. He was narrating stories and then she used to sleep. She remembers him teasing, when she was asking him to tell grand ma tales. Though he was sleepy, he still managed to blabber something and make her sleep. But at times, instead of putting his daughter to sleep, he slept first.

Since Neha was very young when her appa left, she was left with only few memories. She just can’t recall many things. But she remember that when her father left, as all children thought, she too had in mind that dad would return back. She grew up listening to stories about her father, and whenever she heard about her father, she had a smile on her face and she wanted to know and listen more about her father.

Neha saw in movies where kids lost their father and they send letters to him. She too followed the same. She wrote letters, posted them, without address or stamp. When she came to know that without address and stamp the letter doesn’t reach the person, she started finding address, but how and whose, she doesn’t remember (she recalls). She then asked her mom for stamp and address, and her mom simply took the letter, stamped it in front of her, and wrote some address and posted. This lil girl felt happy seeing her letter being posted, but she never expected any reply (as she didn’t know that people would reply for the letters sent). She wanted her dad to read her letters and just felt the same. Whenever she was being scolded by any, be it mom or any, she was writing in the letter and complained to her dad to punish them.

Then she realised that her father won’t return. She was very very upset, but she never gave up of writing to her father. Even now (she is into college), she writes a Dairy (instead of letter), completely dedicated to her father. Neha writes everything in it. Whenever she is happy, she thanks her dad, and when sad, she scolds him and tells him to set the things right (to her belief, her dad helped). When she wants any answer, or in any dilemma, she tosses a coin which she had kept in dairy and gets answer from her dad (as she feels that he answers her).

Neha had a sibling and she was telling her (who was younger to her and her sibling didn’t even remember father, as she was just age of 3) that her dad loved Neha the most and she looks like her father, not her younger sister. Neha was comparing her dad’s habits and told everyone that she is just like her dad, and whenever her mom or others say that Neha’s dad was just like her, she felt immensely happy.

Neha has her dad’s all reports (his photos, pass, and from his marks sheet to doctor’s report). She never allowed any to touch them, not even her mom. She never forget his birthday, she wears a new dress (or her dad’s favourite colour dress) and celebrate all alone. She was also gifting him cards on birthday and father’s day.

When she is very upset and all alone, she speaks to her dad, and then she finds some relief. Neha believe that her dad is always around and he helps her out in every situation. He is her best friend.. all time.. though he doesn’t speak to her. She says that she never miss him as she feels him around (mentally) and ready to help and support her (though she miss him-physical presence).

Today is Father’s Day and I am dedicating this to (on behalf of Neha) daddy. Happy Father’s Day Papa.


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