Masinagudi – Peacock pic

The beautiful peacock on a branch of tree captured by © Hombli Basavaraj


Masinagudi is a stretch of bliss (forest in practical terms) between the Bandhipur national park (Karnataka) and Mudhumalai National park (Tamilnadu) in India. Here, we can find Elephants, bear, tiger and Bisons. We can also enjoy the vision of breathtaking birds flying.


2 thoughts on “Masinagudi – Peacock pic

  1. మాసినగుండి.. హయ్.. ఈ ఊరి పేరేదో భలే తమాషాగా ఉందే.. అక్కడ ఉంటాయా అండి ఈ నెమళ్లు… 🙂 ఫోటో మాత్రం సూపర్బ్‌గా ఉంది…

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