Rowdy Rathore Review: You Will “STRONGLY” Love IT

Rowdy Rathore Review: You Will “STRONGLY” Love IT

Rowdy Rathore is about the story of a small time thief (Akshay Kumar) who falls in love with (Sonakshi Sinha) Paro (from Patna, who has come to attend the marriage in Mumbai). He tells Paro that he loves her and also the fact that he is a thief, later he promises to bid bye to his profession (stealing), it is then he finds a girl named Chinki, who calls him as her ‘papa’ (dad). Seeing this, Paro gets angry and leaves Shiva. It is then the story unfolds and Shiva find’s Chinki’s father, a cop (ASP), Vikram Rathore, when Shiva and Chinki are attacked by the goons. Vikram Rathore gets grievously injured and succumbs to death. Who are the goons and why did they attack them? Will Paro come back to Shiva? Watch the movie to know this.

Prabhu Deva’s second directorial film Rowdy Rathore is a super hit for sure. He brought action and Southern touch in the Bollywood movies. Not only this, he has reintroduced our very own Khiladhi Akshay Kumar as Rowdy Akshay. Akshay is seen in dual roles and you just can’t stop praising him, both the roles suit him so well. Be it comedy, action, romantic, anything… Akshay is rocking. Sonakshi is awesome with her Adha and Nakra’s (moves). She will definitely steal the heart of the audience, especially boys, and girls will want to look like her. Sajid-Wajid’s music is rocking and you won’t stop humming the songs. The songs are colourful and just too good. Dance steps are wonderfully choreographed and definitely you will start tapping your leg, not for one song, but for all.

The  story isn’t new. It’s a remake of Telugu movie Vikramarkudu and Tamil Suruthai, it’s worth a watch. Because you shall never concentrate on the story here, you will enjoy Akshay’s Rowdy and Police avatar and Sonakshi’s gorgeous looks. Also the dialogues are so funny and good that you just can’t stop laughing even in the serious situation of the movie when they are uttered. You will at one time remember the most famous film Sholay. I bet, you will enjoy the movie and as I said you will strongly love the movie. This movie will bring you back to the theatre. You will love to watch the movie twice, thrice… A must watch movie.

A. Nagarathna


One thought on “Rowdy Rathore Review: You Will “STRONGLY” Love IT

  1. హేయ్… ఈ సినిమా తెలుగులో కూడా ఉంది కదూ.. రవితేజ నటించిన ‘విక్రమార్కుడు’ అనే సినిమాని సేమ్ టు సేమ్ కాపీ కొట్టి తీశారట.. హమ్… పాపం బాలీవుడ్‌లో సినిమా కథలకు కరువొచ్చిందేమో…!!

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